May 2009


A matte I'm particularly proud of. A few projections and those small trees on planes there. Yes I handplaced them all..

Radek-J portfolio 2014


Februari 2014


While compositing a documentary for Postyr postproduction. I was asked to do some concept scetches for our 3d-Artist. The documentary was about the future of drones, and a likely one, was drones small enough to be indistinguishble from insects. So,, robo-bees.


October 2013


Painting. For the fun of it.


November 2013


A few Styleframes I made for Ducklings Lego productions. Mix of quick 3d and 2d patching/painting.


June 2012


Learning Mari. Compared to my old workflow of projecting in Zbrush and then, to not loose any detail, stitch each and every projection in photoshop. Well,, no matter how buggy, mari is the 3d-paint for me. Tested on an old face I did, from no textures to this v-ray sss render, took one hour of work. Amazing.


June 2009


Doodles without purpose.


April 2011


Draw a character. Make him look rich.


Februari 2011


A full-body character I was working on. Ment for a Farcry game trailer. The idea of having an older woman as a game charater was scratched. Never got around to finishing the hair or her body.


September 2008


At massive we occasionally have some "r'n'd" time in-between projects. Me and colleague Mikael "Cageman" Burman made short clip during one of those periods. He was testing some rigging-techniques in lightwave and had a sweet animation. So I sculpted and rendered a fish around that. We even got this inluded in Newteks demoreel for Siggraph 2009. Though it was rendered in maya/mentalray :)


September 2004


In-game character (playstation 2) I made for Deadline-games.

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